Luxurious Foot Bath

Bath salts and essential oils make a pretty, scented and therapeutic soak for your feet at the end of a long day. Wind down and clear your head with this floral and luxurious foot soak you can make for yourself or as a nice Mother’s Day treat.



  • Cheese cloth or small muslin bag
  • A decorative jar or mason jar for containing the salts


  1. Combine dry herbs in a muslin bag or square of cheesecloth tied with a piece of string
  2. In a large bowl of hot but a safe temperature of  water add the salts and dried herb mixture
  3. Add the tea tree oil or lavender or peppermint oil if preferred
  4. Swish the salts to dissolve for a minute or so and to infuse the herbs
  5. Have the water to ankle depth and enjoy the foot bath for 20 mins or more adding more warm water if desired

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