Subtly tinted with natural hibiscus powder, these lip balms are soothing to the lips without any phtalates, dyes, or chemicals.


·      1-1/2 tablespoons beeswax pastilles

·      1 tablespoons shea butter

·      1 teaspoon coconut oil

·      1-2 teaspoons hibiscus powder

Additional equipment needed:

·      4-5 lip balm tubes OR 3 lip balm glass jars


1.   In a double boiler or small glass bowl (I used a glass measuring cup) over a small pot of boiling water, melt beeswaxshea butter and coconut oil.

2.   Remove pan from heat but keep the boiler over the hot water to keep the mixture liquid.

3.   Add enough hibiscus powder to your liking and stir to combine well.

4.   Fill the lip balm tubes or glass jars. This step must be done quickly as the beeswax will start to harden.

5.   Let lip balm set at room temperature for a few hours before capping them. Keep away from direct heat.


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