The path to good gut health


Millions of people report experiencing digestive discomfort including symptoms of bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, lethargy and low mood. More than 1/3 of the population of the western word reports experiencing distress in their stomachs. Our western diets and lifestyle are not adequate in providing us the complete nutrition and fibre needed for  the optimal functioning of our bodies.

Gut health is about more than just good digestion.  Optimal gut health is required for overall good health and wellbeing.

Nourishing and maintaining a balanced gut microbiome and keeping your gut barrier in good shape is very important for inflammation, immunity, cardiovascular health, metabolism and brain health.

Whether you’re dealing with pain, bloating, indigestion or more chronic gut issues like IBS, Acid reflux, GERD or Crohns, we know when the gut suffers, we suffer. Digestive distress spills over into our daily life and limits our enjoyment of life, work and simple pleasures.

More often than not, we are discouraged and dissatisfied with popping pills and leaving the care of our health to others. This can leave us feeling powerless and frustrated.

When we think of how to take hold of our health we get lost in the minefield of unreliable information and products in search of ways to get relief and feel better.

What foods should you eat? What should you avoid, what kind of diet is best to follow? Is there one thing that provides a fulsome, complete nutrient support to assist you with relief and better health?

Along comes a whole plant prebiotic fibre, Kfibre. This whole plant prebiotic fibre is from the sugarcane plant with 95% sucrose removed. Whats important is that Mother Nature has gifted us with this nutrient dense plant fibre that is minimally processed through a clean, chemical free, low heat and water process whereby, preserving the important prebiotic fibres and micronutrients needed to nourish our bodies.

1 teaspoon of Kfibre a day can help to nourish and feed the beneficial bacteria in your guts. This is no purified isolated and refined fibre, but complex nutrient dense prebiotic fibre comparable to 2 to 3 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Kfibre is an effective, tested, simple and reliable natural dietary food product that is based on whole food nutrition, science and efficacy to help you get on the path to good digestive health.

Whether you’re seeking some relief, are suffering chronically, or want to boost your gut health now and into your old age, Kfibre is suitable and adaptable to your needs.

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