Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) – Essential Oil


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Clary Sage Oil receives its name from the Latin word “clarus,” meaning “clarifying” or “cleansing.” Historically, the seeds of this plant were believed to contribute to the health of the eyes and to improve vision, hence it earned a name meaning “clear eye” or “bright eye.”

Clary sage is fresh and light, and is classified as a top note.  Tope notes are often the first aromas to reach the nose and dissipate quickly. Clary Sage Essential Oil came to be used in cosmetics for its ability to soothe skin. In medicinal applications, it was known to work with female hormone-related complaints, such as nervous tension and the emotions.

Clary sage has cooling properties that soothe skin inflammation and it rashes. Its balancing property stabilizes the production of natural oil and sebum to help curb breakouts. This essential oil works to help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria that can cause fungal infections.  It also may be anti-inflammatory and may be beneficial for use in muscle aches and joint pain.

Blends well with: Bergamot, Cedarwood, Cypress, Geranium, Jasmine, Juniper, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Patchouli, Pine, and Rose. 

How to use:

  • Add 4-12 drops to a bowl of steaming water/facial steamer and inhale deeply for 5-10 minutes.
  • For diffusing, add 10-15 drops to diffuser.
  • Clary Sage Essential Oil may help to ease stress used in a diffuser. It may also be used in meditation practice when diffused for facilitating a state of awareness.
  • For massage, add 2 drops to 20 ml carrier oil.
  • For a face wash that is great for use on acne-prone or congested skin, combine 3 drops of Clary Sage Essential Oil to 1 Tbsp. Coconut Carrier Oil and massage into skin and rinse with warm water.

Cautions & contraindications: 

Pregnant and nursing women are especially advised not to use Clary Sage Essential Oil without the medical advice of a health practitioner or if using prescription drugs or having major surgery.

External use only. Do not use undiluted. Avoid eye area and if epileptic or pregnant. Information provided does not substitute for professional advice and care.


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