Why do we all love our hydrosols so much? Maybe its the versatility and lightness of using an easy product for personal and home care.

Floral waters, or hydrosols as we call them at Gaia Garden, are the aromatic waters produced by steam distilling a variety of plant and flower materials together in copper stills. The term “hydrosol” is latin (hydro and sol) for water solution. Floral waters, or hydrosols contain the full-spectrum of water soluble medicinal constituents and aromatics unlike essential oils which only contain a small range of the concentrated and volatile aromatic oils, making them quite safe and a wonderful option for pampering the skin.

Our Gaia Garden magical hydrosols are more than pretty smelling water, they are the gateway for a powerful and medicinal activation of our senses instilling a sense of calm, energy, and healing.

What makes hydrosols so great is the multipurpose uses. Hydrosols make a great addition to skincare, room sprays, linen and as refreshers on their own.

Here’s some ideas on how to use any of Gaia Garden’s hydrosols:


Facial Spray: light mist on your face with eyes closed

Body Spray:  to leave a light fragrance and cooling feeling spray all over body

Hair mist: spray lightly to leave your hair hydrated and lightly scented

Deodorant Spray: some hydrosols with antibacterial properties can be used as a deodorant underarms or anywhere where you need a little extra odour prevention. 

Foot Spray: spraying on the feet not only refreshes them but also gives a little odour protection, especially on hot days.

Room refresher: Lighten, deodorize and cleanse the air in any room with any our hydrosols.  Simply spray the hydrosol as you would any mist avoiding furniture, pets, and foods.

Linen Spray:  freshen and fragrance sheets, towels and other linens with a scent of your choice.

Car Freshening Spray: Lightly mist the inside of a car, avoiding polished, painted and fragile surfaces – create an air of calmness, energy or cleanliness.

Clothes refresher: Lightly spray clothes (avoid sensitive and delicate fabrics that can stain) to help eliminate unpleasant musty, smoky or odours.

Meditation/Yoga Spray: Hydrosols can be used to help enhance meditation and yoga practice. Aroma’s such as sandalwood hydrosol helps create a spiritual oasis.

Soothe and heal wound Sprays: many of our hydrosols can be used to help kill germs and promote the healing of minor wounds, cuts and abrasions, especially after bug bites

Monster Repellent: Calming hydrosols can be used to help calm and soothe babies and children like our orange blossom hydrosol

Face toner: Hydrosols make wonderful toners and can be sprayed before applying serums, oils or creams to provide a good base

Cleanser: spray a small amount on a cotton pad to wipe of dirt and clean the face

Aftershave splash: such as Gaia Garden’s new Sandalwood and Light floral spray can be adapted for use as a post shave soother

Compresses: Hydrosols can be chilled or warmed and used in place of water for compresses.

Water substitute for water in personal skin care are recipes: Enhance your lotion, cream, clays, room mist and other recipes that call for water. Substitute skin-safe hydrosols for the water called for in your recipes.

Baby Wipes: Handmade, natural baby wipes can be made using anti-inflammatory and calming hydrosols like orange blossom or lavender hydrosol

Finally, with all these impressive uses, we have to ensure to store hydrosols safely due to their delicate nature and the absence of any preservatives.  Keep in mind, hydrosols don’t last as long as essential oils so special consideration must be given to storing them correctly. For this reason Gaia Garden’s hydrosols come in tightly capped, dar-amber coloured bottles protecting them from harmful UVA and UVA rays

Hydrosols must be stored in a cool, dark place such as a closet or pantry and even the fridge. Avoid opening and closing the bottles frequently to limit exposure to oxygen and germs.

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