Hibiscus Cordial

This recipe is taken from the fantastic book Mexican Food Made Easy by Thomasina Miers.

It has the most delicious fruity, berry flavour to it that is sweet but has a tang similar to cranberry juice. Topped up with a little sparkling water, this cordial makes the most refreshing and delicious non-alcoholic drink or for a party it would make a great base to a cocktail, especially when served with a hibiscus flower as a garnish.


Hibiscus Cordial
Makes approx. 1 litre (easy doubled – this recipe us halved from the original)
30g dried Hibiscus Flowers
300g sugar
1125ml(4 ½ cups) water
1 ½ – 2 limes
To serve:
Sparkling water
Hibiscus flower garnish
Lots of ice
Put the dried hibiscus flowers, sugar and water into a medium sized pan and let it simmer at low heat for approximately 30 minutes. remove from heat and allow to cool.  Once cooled strain the juice into a jug and keep the flowers aside for later. Squeeze in the juice of 1 ½ limes and taste to see if it needs any more lime or a touch more sugar depending on your tastes.
Fill some glasses with lots of ice and pour the cordial over the top then finish off with some sparkling water (I tend to do two thirds cordial to one third water but it depends how strong you want it). Serve garnished with a hibiscus flower.
For an adult flavour add the add hibiscus cordial and sparkling water to Tequila, Gin, Bourbon or Prosecco.

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  1. Carolina

    You don’t need to boil the flowers –it kills be benefits… Just put the hibiscus flowers to soak overnight. You can drink it without adding any sugar…


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