Pau d’Arco, Cut & Sifted (Tabebuia impetigunosa) – Dried Herb, Wildcrafted


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Pau d’Arco is a deciduous tree with a large canopy that grow up to 120 feet high and has pink to violet flowers. Tabebuia impetiginosa is a member of the Bignoniaceae family and native to tropical regions of the Americas, including the Amazon Rainforest.

Pau d’Arco bark, specifically the inner bark known as Taheebo Bark or Lapacho, has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years by native tribes, including the Incas. The inner bark has been traditionally used to treat dysentery, fever, sore throats, wounds, snakebites, urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal infections, candidiasis and cancer.


The taste and energetics of Pau d’Arco bark are earthy, bitter, cooling andastringent. Pau d’Arco bark has an affinity for the digestive system, blood, liver, urinary tract and immune system. For antifungal and antiparasitic uses, combine with Black Walnut, Goldenseal or Oregano.

How to use:

1 teaspoon of Pau d’Arco Bark to one cup of boiling water. Simmer for 15 minutes, strain and drink up to one cup a day.

The cooled infusion can be applied to the skin. Pau d’Arco bark can also be taken as a tincture.

Cautions & contraindications:

This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness. Please consult your healthcare provider prior to the use of this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications or have a medical condition. Individual results may vary.


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