Orange Sweet (Citrus sinensis) – Essential Oil


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Cold-pressed from the peel of the world’s oldest and most commonly grown fruit tree, Orange essential oil is best known for its cheerful and uplifting scent. The exact origin of Citrus sinensis is unknown, as it does not grow wild anywhere in the world, but botanists believe that it is a natural hybrid of the Pummelo (C. maxima) and the Mandarin (C. reticulata) trees and that it originated between the South-West of China and the Himalayas. For thousands of years, Orange Oil’s ability to naturally enhance immunity and reduce several symptoms of numerous ailments has lent it to traditional medicinal applications for the treatment of acne, chronic stress, and other health concerns.

Orange essential oil is beneficial for vaporizing in any room, especially when experiencing anxiety, sadness, anger, or frustration. When diffused throughout the home, it is also known to effectively diminish unpleasant scents such as cooking smells and pet odours while also boosting motivation and clarity. The aromatic benefits of Orange oil are known to not only create a warm environment but to also stimulate the strength and resilience of the immune system and to eliminate airborne bacteria and pathogens.

Orange essential oil also works as a muscle relaxant, greatly reducing the incidents of painful and reflexive muscle contractions or spasms and aids in conditions such as convulsions, coughing, tears in the muscles, and sprains. Its anti-microbial properties make it ideal for application (diluted in a carrier oil) to a cut, bite, abrasion, boil, eruption, or any wound that may potentially become septic, as it prevents bacterial growth and infection. As a tonic, Orange Oil helps maintain metabolic health and function, while exhibiting antioxidant activity that may help repair damaged cells.

Blends well with: Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Clove and Frankincense.

How to use:

  • A few drops (5-10) of Orange oil can be added to the laundry or the dishwasher to help remove odours and impart a clean, fresh scent.
  • Sweet Orange can be dabbed onto affected areas of skin to reduce the bacteria that contributes to and worsens acne.
  • One drop of Orange oil can also be mixed with Aloe Vera gel before being dabbed onto blemishes and wrinkles.
  • Used on the scalp, a combination of Orange essential oil and honey is known to eliminate bacteria, to reduce dandruff and itchiness by restoring moisture, and to balance the scalp’s pH without removing any of its vital natural oils.

Cautions & contraindications: 

Phototoxic – avoid exposure to direct sunlight for 12 hours after use. External use only. Do not use undiluted. Avoid eye area and if epileptic or pregnant. Information provided does not substitute for professional advice and care.


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