Orange Peel (Citrus x sinensis) – Dried Herb, Organic


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Citrus sinensis is a hardy evergreen tree growing to 29-30 feet, is in leaf all year round, flower buds develop in early winter, the flowers develop slowly through the late winter, usually blooming in April. Up to 99 percent of the flowers fall off without setting fruit. Trees produce fruit typically after 3 years and it to takes 5 to 15 months for an orange to ripen. Oranges are mostly harvested between October to January.

The species is hermaphrodite having both male and female organs and is pollinated by Apomictic insects. It is reproduced by seeds formed without sexual fusion. The orange is in the family Rutaceae also called the Citrus family and includes Mandarin, Tangerine and Grapefruit and Lime.

The Orange tree is believed to have originated in China and from there has been cultivated in virtually every country across the globe. In the mid 1500s, a Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon is believed to be responsible for planting the first Orange trees in North America, near St. Augustine, Florida. There are more enzymes, flavonoids, and phytonutrients in the Peel of the Orange rather than the fruit. Orange Peel also contains good amounts of provitamin A, folate, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B6, and calcium. Dried Orange Peel has a bitter flavour that has been used in infusions, bitters, culinary dishes, desserts and some liquors like vermouth.

Orange Peel is mentioned in writing in China as far back as 2200 BC and was possibly used even before that. In traditional Chinese medicine, Zhi Qiao (dried Orange Peel) and Zhi Shi (immature dried Orange Peel) were added to formulas that treated mild indigestion, nausea and constipation. Dried Peel is official in the British Pharmacopoeia as a bitter tonic and in Traditional herbalism bitters correlate to the digestive tract.


The taste and energetics of Orange Peel are acrid, bitter, aromatic, warming and astringent. Orange Peel has an affinity to the digestive system, respiratory system and nervous system. For a bitter tea for digestion combine Orange Peel with Dandelion Root, Burdock Root or Chicory Root. Grind the Orange Peel and mix it with dried herbs like Thyme or Rosemary and your favourite salt to flavour food.

How to use:

1 teaspoon of Orange Peel to one cup of boiling water. Steep for 15 minutes, strain and drink up to three cups a day.

Or add to jams, jellies, stir-fry dishes and many other culinary creations.

Cautions & contraindications:

This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness. Please consult your healthcare provider prior to the use of this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications or have a medical condition. Individual results may vary.


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