Clinic: Spiritual Readings & Energy Treatments


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Kathleen has been studying, practicing and interpreting the higher realms using cards as her medium for over 10 years. These readings are to help bring you clarity, simple understandings, and maintain balance in your daily life. Kathleen uses her own Tarot deck – Cards of Balance.

Enjoy a 60 minute treatment on a therapeutic crystal mat along with drumming and a sound bowl healing to clear what is not of love (old beliefs ascertained from the cards) in your surrounding etheric field, so you can maintain a beautiful balance.

Every Monday from 10:00am – 5:00pm
Call Kathleen at 604-803-7227 to book your session.
Cash or e-transfer preferred.

$35/15 Minute Reading (9 Card Spread)
$65/30 Minute Reading (15 Card Spread)
$120/60 Minute Reading (15 Card Spread)
$120/60 Minutes Energy Treatment



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