Cordyceps Mushroom Powder (Cordyceps sinensis) – Dried Herb, Organic


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Mushrooms have been used as food, medicine, and spiritual mushroom practices in religious rituals across the world since at least 5000 BC.

Cordyceps has a long history of use in Traditional Chinese medicine as an exotic medicinal mushroom and is thought to have been discovered 2000 years ago with the first formally documented use coming from the Bencao Congxin (New Compilation of Materia Medica) in the Qing dynasty in 1757. Cordyceps are parasitic fungi that grow on the larvae of insects. Our Cordyceps mushrooms are put through a steam activation process to increase bioavailability and are then ground to a fine powder.


Cordyceps is regarded in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a kidney tonic, support for the adrenals, a bronchial dilator for the lungs, and as support for the immune system. Aside from supporting energy, stamina, and athletic performance, Cordyceps has also been studied for its strong antioxidant properties.

How to use:

Add 1 teaspoon in warm water, a smoothie or stir into soup or broth. May be taken up to twice daily.

Cautions & contraindications:

Use with caution in pregnancy/lactation and in patients with autoimmune disease or who are on immunosuppressive agents.

This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness. Please consult your healthcare provider prior to the use of this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications or have a medical condition. Individual results may vary.



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