Clinic: Consultations & Assessments with Valerie Mrakuzic


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Valerie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and graduate of Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and has studied at The Quantum Academies using the Indigo Biofeedback System. She has been helping clients discover the root cause of their health concerns and creating nutrition & wellness plans using an integrated approach for over 15 years. Book a session with Valerie and get started on a program to heal and get you feeling better! 

Investigate the top imbalances that are contributing to your health challenges and receive recommendations to best support your wellness. This is the best place to start when embarking on your healthy recovery or to discover more about your health. 

Biofeedback Scan & Consultation $199/90 Minutes
Biofeedback Full Body Analysis & Assessments $350/For Two 90 Minute Appointments

Tuesday & Saturday by appointment
T: 604-512-1625
E: [email protected]



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