Chocolate Orange – 30ml Aromatherapy Holiday Spray


SKU: 1-Spry-CO

Enjoy a burst of citrus with a hint of chocolate…

This spray will definitely make you smile and leave you craving chocolate and mandarin oranges. A yummy room spray that combines 3 different orange essential oils with the flavour of cocoa. Be inspired by the delicious orange notes in a base of rich dark chocolate. Simple yet a holiday classic!

Directions: Enhance the aroma of the winter season by misting into the air or spray a tree or wreath (as a tree cologne). Spritz above the head as a personal energy booster during the hustle and bustle of the holidays or at any time of the year.

Also available as a 100% pure essential oil Diffuser Mix.

Essential Oils of: Blood Orange, Mandarin, Sweet Orange and Cocoa in distilled water.


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